Monday, June 11, 2007

Panacke Breakfast

I got up rather early on Sunday morning to go wash dishes. There was a pancake breakfast at the local community center and they were short a dish washer: I fit the bill. It was fun cleaning and talking in the couple hours that I worked, and everyone had a good sense of humor and service. The people might be classified as hippies, but it was an enjoyable time. Barry and Nance seemed to be regular volunteers, and everyone there had volunteered before with the exception of me. The pancake cook's name was Oscar, who was there with his new family: Terran, Oscars baby boy, was sleeping in his mothers arms most of the time. Oscar worked till the very end and then finally sat down to eat.

We started talking and I told him that it was interesting to see a difference in the people here vs. the people either back home or at Wheaton. He asked me what I meant and we started to talk about religion and God, and in turn about Christianity and the gospel. We talked about the people who are religious in name only and about the differences between the types of people: whether they followed an organized religion, followed a pseudo-syncretism, or followed their own way completely.

It was a good and fairly long conversation where I was able to explain parts of the Bible and the concept of grace and the message of freedom that we have in the gospel. He told me that I reminded him of one of his friends in the area, and that I should meet her if I have the chance. He said a very interesting thing to me toward the end of my explanation of the Bible and the gospel. He said that even though he's not going to change his convictions I should be someone who spreads the Word. He said that I had a way of explaining things differently from what he's heard before. I left that morning encouraged and with high spirits because a non-Christian told me to spread the Word. I hope God Blesses Oscar and his new family.

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