Friday, May 22, 2009

A note from a Parent

This last week we had 8 students spend their Christmas break with us. As always it was an amazing time, I'll post more blogs about the week with the Love Ninjas.

In the mean time, I just wanted to share what one of the parents wrote us. It's great to know we have the blessings of such Godly people.

We will be praying that God will really pour out his grace, truth and love on your gathering. Thank you so much for giving yourselves to these kids!

This means so much to us. The work we do is to help equip young adults so they can pursue their calling. We appreciate the love and support from the parents as we continue in this work.

Thanks to all of you who support us with Love and Gifts.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taking Risk

“You do not evaluate a risk by the probability of success but by the worthiness of the goal.”
- Ralph Winter
Founder Frontier Mission Fellowship

I recently learned that a great man of God is on his way Home. A man I only met once, Ralph Winter, was a pioneer for his time and his generation. His life story is the work of a man called by God to complete the race, as if he were to win.

What compels me to Ralph's story is the testimony of how God provided for him when he first started
Frontier Mission Fellowship. He was 51 years old and had a secure and fruitful career teaching missions at Fuller Seminary, but he knew he was called to something else. In his autobiography, he says, "It finally became clear that I was the only one who was willing and able to walk out of their present job and attempt a project as huge and risky as this was." So he started without backers, no denomination, not even a single congregation, no mailing list, and only about $100 in cash.

Here's his testimony from the beginning of their ministry:
"I did not push into this very eagerly. At no time in my life before or after have I to the extent I did then, sense that God was forcing me to choose a much harder row to hoe. And on the other hand, after we made the decision to leave Fuller we did not at any point in the next thirteen years, during which we paid off the campus, feel that God had promised us success. We only felt that the value of the goal was sufficient justification to go all out, sink or swim. I coined the phrase, “You do not evaluate a risk by the probability of success but by the worthiness of the goal.” We were willing to fail because the goal we sensed was so urgent and strategic."
This should be an encouragement for so many who know they are called by God, but are not sure how to begin. We often allow the priorities of our own accomplishments and current situations to determine our life's work. But at a time when it wasn't easy or advisable for a man to leave a secure career, Ralph and his family pursued God's calling.

This testimony comes at such a important part of my family's life. In the last week we have decided to go into full time ministry with our own sense of urgency to accomplish a goal. I can only imagine what the years ahead of us will bring. I hope we will eventually understand why we chose to take a risk at such a risky time. And the results of the work will bring us peace.

Thank you all for your support.

click to read Dr. Winter's story in it's entirety