Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What a Time it Has Been! From the Willis'

It seems like we just got here just a week ago but our visit back to Oregon is coming to a close and in that, we want to take some time to share what the Lord has done and is doing in our lives.

Our family traveled across country for the third time this past summer, specifically to attend our good friend, Jen's wedding. What a memorable time that was. With plans to head back across country shortly after that, we found God drawing us to stay just a little longer. Well, that "just a little longer" ended up being 4 wonderful months in this beautiful country side.

Well, we are sad to say we are headed out in 1 short week. But all the things we have been able to do and participate in. This truly is home! We were blessed to be able to stay in the same house on the same property as the community hall with plenty of events happening. Amy had a few great opportunities to help out with some of the events that were being held down at the hall. We also got back into the groove with community dinners right out of our home. Oh there are so many great people in this town. Many of which don't know the Lord and we were able to share the gospel with so many people coming and going from our home. The Lord has been good and our time here was so fruitful. We have met many new friends who we can't wait to keep in touch with and continue sharing God's goodness with.

It was a very refreshing time with our Church family as well. We haven't ever come across such a great bunch of people. People who are so in love with their Lord and are willing to share it with whoever comes along.

The trip and trip planning itself has also been quite a joy, blessing and fruitful. We are traveling with a network call A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network. Just a bunch of Christian households who offer to house other Christian families who are traveling. We have been so blessed with this network. We will have met about a dozen new families by the time we get back home to Canada. It's so strange how each family is so very very different yet at the same time, we are all part of the same family. We are all common in Christ. It was certainly a great way to build up the idea of biblical hospitality. What a beautiful experience.

Well, that was the quick summery of the last few months. We are planning to start some similar ministries once back home in Canada until we can travel back here. Lot's of idea's on the back burner. Lord willing, our time in Canada will be just as fruitful as our time here.

The Willis Family