Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall 2012 - Thompson Family Update

Summer time in Southern Oregon is a good time to appreciate the outdoor activities. Our community is a rural farming community and summer means production, harvesting and the growers market. Going to the market just a half mile from our home allows us to visit with members of the community and outreach to the locals with whom we have become familiar. We love the opportunities we have to share our lives with our neighbors and inspire dialogue about our family, work, and beliefs. 

Tim's volunteer work at Pacifica is beginning to show fruit. The organization is moving a local mail order nursery to the land to help generate revenue for the non-profit. As Chairman, Tim is active in the  exchange and is organizing the efforts to make the new operation functional and profitable in the years to come. The work is all volunteer, but the experience is invaluable for our own ministry. Tim's leadership is appreciated by the board of directors and the 23 employees. We are praying for strength and wisdom to guide and be a witness to this organization.

In September are hosting the wedding of our niece Jennifer, who has lived with us for the past two years. It is a true blessing to have her part of our lives and bring some femininity to our family. She is marrying  wonderful man, Michael, and they are moving back to Portland after the wedding. We will miss her. Please pray for Michael and Jennifer as they begin their life together. 

As we prepared for the fall, we are planning weekly classes to further last years World View classes. We hope to organize two missions trips this year, to San Francisco and Seattle, where we take the time the serve as well as engage the culture and learn of the competing accepted worldviews that oppose Christianity. The students will be able to engage and dialogue with others of different beliefs and spend time defending their faith. 

Please pray for:
  • Our students. We have interested individuals for this fall. Some are coming from difficult situations in church and family.
  • Our programs. We are defining new objectives for short term programs and weekly meeting times. 
  • Outreach. Pray the Lord guides our efforts and softens the hearts of our community for us to make an impact. 
  • Our family. As we move forward into a busy season, our family needs guidance and protection.