Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amy Willis


It has been an amazing journey across this beautiful continent. We came from 4600 km away and what a trip that was. For those of you who would like a detailed story of our calling from God to be here, I would love to share but for now, let me introduce myself and family. You read a little about Dan, my husband and we have some pretty wonderful kids. Jenny is 6, MeghanRain is 3 and Pillar is 10 months. Almost 2 years ago to the day, our 3rd daughter, Ellie died and had it not been through the strengthening of that experience, we would not be here today. I am ever thankful to God for her life and for ALL the things we've learned from it.

What a beautiful part of the country we have been living in. I have never lived in a mountainous area before and every glance is breath taking! God has been moving and working so much in our lives here and we are ready to keep going.

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