Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Live as Christian Young Adult

It isn't unusual for me to have a conversation with young adults about the life we live or choices we've made, good and bad. In these conversations questions are usually asked in which I am asked to reveal advice for living life. I think it would be an impossible task to write out and organize all applicable advice to all situations. Those who know us, know we've made choices that are alternative to the "norms" of our society and to those I can give specifics. But this is my attempt to lay out some principles that will help any of you develop your own convictions.

It is not complete, but I hope it get's you started.



1. Spend time with God.

A Christian seeking God's direction for their life must go to Him first. A relationship with God is not something that can be pushed off with hopes you can reconcile it when "needed". So you must remove any notion that building this relationship is a task and spend regular time listening while in prayer, through scripture, or exploring Christian truth and then speak with God about who He is, who you are and what concerns you both.

2. Worship God for who He is and what He's done for you.

Before you counted yourself as a follower of Christ, He knew your name and paid the price for the right to know Him. As you walk in this life blessed with the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven, give praise and thanksgiving to the Creator, the Savior and the Counselor for their love, grace and blessings.

3. Spend regular time in the fellowship of Saints.

Your calling to be a follower of Christ is to be a member of the Body of Christ. Surrounding yourself with other like-minded believers will help you mature spiritually and build you up a servant, disciple and mentor. If you are part of a group that is not satisfying your hearts desires to grown in Christ, then you must be willing to seek out others who share your spiritual needs.

Be come part of weekly worship times at a local church. Contribute financially to support the work of the ministry. Spend your time at the church involved in fellowship and ministry with people who are not your age, race, or economic status.
4. Make first thing first.
You have been put here for a purpose, make sure you know that purpose and you are intentional in dedicating your life to it. As we begin our adult life the pursuit of career, financial security and belonging can start to compromise our personal and spiritual convictions. There is little time in our daily life to accomplish all that needs to be done, so you must become accustomed to setting boundaries with your work (even in ministry), studies and friends. And above all, put your spouse and children before any other relationship, this honors God and lays the foundation for all of life's adventures.

5. Observe opportunities.

As we are renewed by the transforming of our mind, we begin to see the world through a different lens. Revelations about the truth, our life and the world around will begin to present opportunities. Pay attention to what you see and consider what these opportunities mean to you and your life. Many times you can discern your calling by recognizing how you process opportunity.
6. Share your life with others.
The accumulation of your life situations and personal revelation of truth is your story. You have been given this story in order to bless others. Pray for opportunity to share your life, disciple others, teach about God's grace and testify to his goodness. And sometimes use words.

7. Never stop learning.

Are you convinced that "all truth is God's truth"? Well, the pursuit of truth in your life, academics and teaching is pleasing to God. To accomplish this, you must not be be afraid to ask questions. Then use all the resources at your disposal to discover the answers, find wise counsel, read original sources, abandon futile ideas and talk about what you are processing with others.

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